Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Evangelism Evangelism Those with this charism are eager to find opportunities to share their faith in Christ and bring others to Christ and His Church. They are boldly challenged to share the good news of Jesus Christ by intergrating faith into daily conversations and actions. Charisms In Action https://spiritualgiftsinventory.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/gift-of-evangelization.mp4 St. Patrick […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Shepherding Shepherding Those with this charism nurture and guide others in a group setting as they journey together in their faith. They develop relationships with those in the group to form and empower them in their relationship with Christ and with one another. Charisms In Action https://spiritualgiftsinventory.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/gift-of-shepherding.mp4 Saint: St. John Vianney […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Discernment Discernment Those with this charism have the ability to distinguish between spirits, between truth and error, and to identify whether something is of God. This gift involves knowledge of God and Scripture, and prayerfulness. Saint: St. Teresa of Avila Teresa of Ávila, also called Saint Teresa of Jesus, was a […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Faith Faith Those with the charism of faith exhibit exceptional trust in God’s providence and take action with remarkable freedom. Others are often inspired and drawn to Christ through their commitment and example. Saint: Blessed Mother Mary, also known as St. Mary the Virgin, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint Mary, Mary […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Writing Writing Those with this charism are moved to compose words through the Holy Spirit that reveal the truth, goodness, and beauty of the human person fully alive. Drafting written compositions come with great ease for those who enjoy this charism, and their words are creatively used to draw others into […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Wisdom Wisdom Those with this charism keenly understand and can offer revealed insight on God’s call and direction in discernment, and use that understanding to recommend the most appropriate plan of action moving forward. Saint: St. John of the Cross Saint John of the Cross was born Juan de Yepes y […]

Voluntary Poverty<br><br>

Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Voluntary Poverty Voluntary Poverty Those with this charism deeply desire to connect and identify with Jesus and the poor, joyfully exhibiting great simplicity for the benefit of others. This gift provides them with a unique freedom to focus on God’s work of helping others. Saint: St. Francis of Assisi Founder of […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Teaching Teaching Those with this charism possess the ability to clearly communicate information, ideas, concepts and truths in a manner that allows for the personal, spiritual and emotional growth and advancement of an individual or group. They are intentional and focused with a desire to lead people to greater understanding. Saint: […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Service Service Those with this charism possess a keen ability to see the needs or gaps that will make things better and that others may not notice. They act on their own to accomplish the tasks and do so behind the scenes. They encounter God’s presence in humble acts of service, […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Prophecy Prophecy Those with this charism experience a revelation of God in word, image, or understanding and can articulate truth to an individual or a to a group with great conviction. Their awareness of God’s close presence gives them the keen ability to communicate a message that stirs hearts to recognize […]