Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Peacemaking Peacemaking Those with this charism exhibit the ability to mediate between differing viewpoints and bring people together. Their presence is trustworthy, reliable, and authentic, and they possess skills of incredible patience and active listening. Saint: St. Catherine of Siena St. Catherine of Siena was born during the outbreak of the […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Musicianship Musicianship Those with this charism use their abilities of musical writing and/or performing (vocally/instrumentally) to offer praise and worship to God and for the enjoyment of others. They passionately experience Christ’s presence and help lead others to encounter God’s presence through the gift of music. Saint: St. Cecilia Saint Cecilia […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Mercy Mercy Those with this charism are compelled to share uniquely in God’s love and compassion and are moved to respond in a practical way to the suffering of others, without condition or expectation, to relieve physical, spiritual, or emotional suffering, with charity and personal concern. Saint: St. Mother Teresa of […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Leadership Leadership Those with this charism can uniquely see the God-given gifts of others and empower them, individually and collectively, to use those gifts to bring God’s goodness into the world and to build the kingdom. They keep everyone in a balance as they bring to completion an envisioned work, and […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Knowledge Knowledge Those with this charism seek to enrich their faith through study and intellectual undertakings, and enjoy learning things of all kinds. They encounter Christ though their understanding of God and the world. They can be inspired by dialogue that reveals the divine reality of God ever-present in their lives. […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Intercession Intercession Those with this charism exhibit a profound trust in the activity of the Holy Spirit interacting in the lives of others, especially those in need. They feel strongly called to pray and intercede for others with patience, empathy, and compassion, confident that God hears and responds to their prayers. […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Hospitality Hospitality Those with this charism thrive for opportunities to create environments of welcome. They convey to others a sense of belonging, respect, kindness, and promote an atmosphere of “home.” They passionately encounter Christ in the stranger and/or feel comfortable bringing people together. Saint: Blessed Solanus Casey Blessed Solanus Casey spoke […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Helping Helping Those with this charism are fueled by supporting another individual to be successful in his/her mission. There is a desire to do anything, in any way, to assist another in faithfully responding to his/her call. This is a personal ministry of quiet background service. Saint: Blessed Michael Sopocko The […]


Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Healing Healing Those with this charism work through the Holy Spirit to help restore and heal people who suffer physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. When they accompany those who suffer, healing occurs more quickly than expected or in remarkable ways.  Their presence is comforting, nurturing, and restorative, revealing the ever-present closeness […]

Global & Cultural Awareness

Spiritual Gifts Inventory Charism Global & CulturalAwareness Global & Cultural Awareness Those with this charism joyfully connect with people of different cultural, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, and enhance the community through their gifts. They feel at home with a sense of belonging and are accepted into the community. Saint: Blessed Stanley Rother Stanley Francis Rother […]