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Those with this charism are endowed with gifts of exceptional listening, helping others to feel heard, seen, and cared for, often leading them to a renewed sense of well-being and new hope. Through the Holy Spirit, they are conduits for God’s grace of hope and mercy, and feel energized by these encounters of love.

Saint: Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati

Beatified in 1990 by Saint Pope John Paul II
and named “The Man of the Eight Beatitudes,
Pier Giorgio teaches us that holiness is possible
for everyone.

Available Encouragement Ministries

ACTS Retreats



Catechesis of the Good Shepherd

Confirmation Leader

Feeding the Hungry

Homebound/Elderly Outreach

Jail Ministry

Little Flower Young Adult Women

Marriage in His Image

Marriage Preparation Sponsor

RCIA Sponsor

Religious Education Catechist

Small Faith Group Leader

Spiritual Direction

St. Anne’s Society

St. Joseph’s Society

St. Lawrence Ministry

Women with Purpose Bible Study

Youth Ministry Team

Vocation Ministry

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Spiritual Gifts Inventory Quiz by the Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Adapted with Permission from the “Called by the Spirit” Program, Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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Helping to recognize our charisms, enabling us to choose to serve in those areas where the Lord has gifted us, and where we will be most effective, and will feel most fulfilled.

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