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Those with this charism enjoy using their hands to create a craft, art, or other product which reflect God’s beauty, and they delight in sharing it with others. They often encounter the movement of the Holy Spirit in their passion to create and this is fulfilling to them.

Saint: St. Joseph

St. Joseph, in the New Testament, is Jesus’ earthly father and the Virgin Mary’s husband. St. Joseph is the patron of the universal church in Roman Catholicism, and his life is recorded in the Gospels, particularly Matthew and Luke.

Available Craftsmanship Ministries

ACTS Retreats

Catechesis of the Good Shephard

Church Office Maintenance

Grounds Assistance

Habitat for Humanity

Jail Ministry Cards

Peru Mission

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Religious Education Catechist

Rosary Making

Sewing Ministry

Vacation Bible School

Scripture References: Exodus 28:2-5; 31:1-11; 35 Proverbs 8:3 Proverbs 22:29 Acts 18:3 Ephesians 2:10 References from the Catechism of the Catholic Church: CCC: 337-339; 341; 349; 2415; 2427-2428; 2500-2503; 2513

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Spiritual Gifts Inventory Quiz by the Catholic Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Adapted with Permission from the “Called by the Spirit” Program, Catholic Diocese of Cleveland

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Helping to recognize our charisms, enabling us to choose to serve in those areas where the Lord has gifted us, and where we will be most effective, and will feel most fulfilled.

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